‘A Wedding in Auschwitz’ By: Rajko Djuric

A Wedding in Auschwitz by Rajko Djuric is a short story that discusses some of the horrid times during the Holocaust.

The importance of this story is to discuss and make people aware of what went on during this awful time in history. It is there to bring the narrator’s feelings to life and really capture what going through this horrendous time did to a person’s body and mind.

During the story dreams, omens, and signs are discussed throughout. This is of major importance because they help pull the reader into the story so they can actually feel what the narrator is feeling. Some examples would be, seeing her brother as a butterfly, the different clocks that were made of humans, the wedding in Auschwitz and the dreams of her parents and the devil. All of these specific portions of the story play a role in bringing  the narrator’s feelings to life. Without the mention of these instances that the narrator went through the reader would not be able to truly understand it. Of these examples, the butterfly one really grabbed my attention.

“There’s Ari! Ari! Don’t you see my brother Ari?” “No. All I see is a big yellow butterfly, but not your brother Ar…” “I don’t agree to such risky and dangerous criteria of truth. How do you know this yellow butterfly is your brother?”

“How do I know? I see his face, his nose, his eyes, his hair. I know that the human mind is a moral acrobat, but my eyes have never fooled me.”

Although, her brother may not have actually been in front of her in the form of a butterfly, her mind made her truly believe that she was seeing her brother while others didn’t believe her.


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