“Kelemo’s Woman” by Molara Wood

“Kelemo’s Woman’ by Molara Wood is a short story about a young couple and tough decisions. Throughout the story Kelemo and Iriola can be seen arguing time and time again about what is going on currently in the country where they live. Kelemo is ready to be vigilant and do what he needs to do to help his country while Iriola is more hesitant and quiet due to the recent passing of her mother.

Then there is the question,, “Does Iriola truly have the freedom of choice?” In my opinion, no. I don’t believe she truly has a freedom of choice in this matter. One example from the story is, “I’m sorry, Iriola. I don’t mean to put you through this, but it’s better to be safe. What use are we to the struggle if we are killed? And you? You’re no use to your mother dead. Think about it! She would want you to get away in these circumstances; she would understand. Listen to what I am telling you!” Kelemo shook me. He spoke in short, urgent bursts. “We have to go. A contact from my student union days will be by the harbor in an hour. We’ve got to be there.”

“I cried and cried, hitting Kelemo repeatedly on the chest. He grabbed my hands and held me tighter to him.”

It may just be that he is trying to snap her back into reality after an overwhelming situation, but it also seems she is being forced into something that she thinks is a bad idea and she doesn’t want to do. Throughout the story she describes her actions as, uneasy and unsure, which is also another indicator that she doesn’t really have a say in what she is doing. She also cries out at one point that she has already sacrificed enough, which is in reference to her recently passed mother.

To conclude, for these reasons, I don’t believe she truly had the freedom of choice.


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