Transnational Feminism

Both Iriola from “Kelemo’s Woman” and Nneke from “Growing my Hair Again” were both liberated in one way or another.

Transnational Feminism can best be defined as examining issues from a global perspective while considering how they intersect with our lived expectations in the United States.

One example from the text that relates to Nneke’s liberation is as follows, “Sexual liberation is a shared issue among all feminists. Whether we hold traditional values or otherwise, we all firmly believe that our bodies are primarily ours, and we should be able to do with them as we desire.” This directly relates to the scene in “Growing my Hair Again” where Nneke discusses getting her tubes tied. She wanted to protect her future children from coming into a world of abuse. In one scene following the discussion of her tubes being tied, she states that he “released his manhood” inside her and all she did was touch where the scar that only she could see was and smiled because she felt like she finally had control over her own body.

An example from the text that directly relates to Iriola’s liberation is as follows, “To be feminist is to be anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, and anti-patriarchal because these systems function together to create inequality and maintain the status quo.” This statement directly relates with the ending of the story where Iriola is finally seen taking charge for her own life and own actions. “And I never disobeyed Mother” is how the story ends, meaning she is going to do what is right for her rather than what will please Kelemo.

To conclude, Transnational Feminism directly relates to both Iriola and Nneke in different ways.


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