What is Morality?

“The night he came back and ordered me to his bed, I touched the tiny scar that only I could see, and felt it warm throbbing under my hand and I smiled.”

The statement above is in reference to Nneke from ‘Growing my Hair Again,’ tying her tubes. This was a decision she made in order to protect her future children for coming into a home of abuse. In my thesis statement I state, When faced with tough and uncomfortable situations where it is necessary to fight for their lives both Nneke of ‘Growing my Hair Again’ by Chika Unigwe and Iriola of ‘Kelemo’s Woman’ by Molara Wood show what it truly means to be called a “moral woman.”

I believe that this quote definitely relates to that and shows that she is a moral woman. Some people may think that this decision was immoral but I see it as she had to do what she had to do to protect herself. If she kept allowing him to force himself upon her with the risk of becoming pregnant again, there could have been bigger consequences. He had already caused her to miscarry once, which is a traumatic experience for any woman to go to, and overall, she just doesn’t want another child brought into a home like this.


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