“The Way of the Machete” & “Retrenched”

In both “The Way of the Machete” and “Retrenched” we see the male characters become overcome with sticking to their gender roles. We see both male characters become so obsessed with sticking to the role that in the end it hurts them even more. For example, in ‘The Way of The Machete” we see the main character cause his own demise merely for the fact that he cannot take another man thinking he is stronger than him or telling his village that he is weak. He goes and fights the strongest man in the village and does not end up winning.
In “Retrenched” we see the male character loses his job and feels like he cannot provide anymore for his family. He pretends he is going to work and just pretends that everything is fine, when in reality it is not. He even states,”So, now she thinks I’m totally useless! She’s given up on me and thinks I’m not man enough to hold down a job and support my family!” This shows that he can’t handle not being the one in charge and he thinks that his family thinks less of him just because he got laid off which made have not even been the case if he was open and honest with them from the start.
To conclude, gender roles and stereotypes can definitely be the downfall of some individuals.


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