“The Third and Final Continent”

In the beginning of the story we see the narrator pack their bags and move away from their home country of India. They sailed across the sea and finally made it to England where they would begin their new life.

Throughout the story the narrator spends time with an older woman named Mrs. Croft. He realizes that she is well over 100 years old and starts to become sad and a little mortified. They say that they hate to see Mrs. Croft so vulnerable. This even causes some second hand embarrassment from her for the narrator.

One instance that truly scarred the narrator was the nights where he lie on the side of the bed opposite Mrs. Croft and she would cry to him because she missed her parents. Since he too was far away from his family and had a similar experience he was able to feel compassionate towards her. It was hard for him to hear and see her so upset like that and not be able to do anything.

This instance made him become more close with the landlady as well as his wife. He wanted to be there for both of them, so that they both knew they had someone and they weren’t truly alone.


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