Writing Workshop 3/9

“Both Josue and Maina fall into the trap of stereotypical gender roles and let their masculinity get the best of them when faced with situations that test their limits.”

In my paper I am arguing that both Josue and Maina are allowing their stereotypical gender roles to cause their demise. Both of these stories do not end well. One ends in a death by a duel while the other ends with a castration. Both of these deaths could have been avoided, but both men are worried more about their reputation than their actual life and their safety. I feel like they both end in similar ways and have similar story lines so I thought these two would be the best stories to write about since it would keep a nice flow of the paper.

Both of the men in each story affect their relationships with their wives because they are so caught up in these stereotypical gender roles. Josue’s wife tells him not to duel with Scipio, he does it anyway. Maina refuses to tell his wife that he has lost his job which results in him sneaking around and lying to her. Both of the men ended in living very unhealthy relationships up until the points of their demise.


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