How is Ifemelu different from a typical ROM-COM Heroine?

Ifemelu is definitely different from a typical rom-com heroine. She is not one to back down and let a significant other do all the work for her. She prides herself in being an independant woman and fighting her own battles. She is also living in a long distance relationship. She is living in America, while her significant other is back at home in Nigeria. They have put up with many years of silence between one another which definitely is unlike how a romantic couple typically acts.

She is also not the “stereotypical black woman” as well. She lives in the wealthy neighborhood of Princeton, she goes to school and she was the writer of a successful blog. She also refuses to relax her hair like people in her culture are supposed to. She travels to the town of Trenton to have her hair braided. Which is something she takes great pride in.


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