4/25 Americanah

Q: Ifemelu lets an older white woman in the grocery store touch her hair after she asks to touch it, and Blaine is angry that she let her do it (Adichie, 2013, 388). Why is Blaine angry? Why does Ifemelu let her do it? Who do you think is right and why?


I think the reason Blaine gets angry at the fact that Ifemelu let’s the woman touch her hair because he feels like it’s almost disrespectful. I feel like the woman may have wanted to touch her hair because it is different than something she would normally see in her culture. I don’t think that Ifemelu felt intimidated by the woman I think she was just very indifferent about the situation.

I think Ifemelu lets her do it because she doesn’t feel like there is anything wrong with it and I think that Blaine may have over reacted to the situation. I do think that both of them are right in their own way because people have different opinions on what is right and wrong, but I do think that it is Ifemelu’s hair so she has the right to allow people to touch it if she wants that.


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